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Jim Martorelli

     Since leaving Penn State University,  Jim's Wallpaper and Painting, Co. has beautified homes from Ft Lauderdale, Fl. to San Francisco, Ca.  He and his lovely wife, Layne, have enjoyed building a family together over 40 years.

 Layne has had the pleasure of teaching young students from all over the world in her homemaking, cooking, animals, and gardening skills, and being an amazing grandmother to 3 grandchildren.   Jim also has invented many tools for the wallpaper trade and enjoys teaching apprentices.

       Today,  Jim and their youngest son, Mike, are developing a decorating business in San Francisco,Ca. After all his years in decorating, Jim's first love and college major was architecture.  The “clothes of architecture" are the paints, trims and wallcoverings, we have been installing for 4 decades.

  Luke and Amber and Asher , Chris, Sarah Keharias and Aiden, and Jillian, Layne, and Michael